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The application of industrial camera in microscope

Industrial camera is one of the important parts of the microscope. The human eye can only watch the microscope in real time, and it does great harm to the fatigue of the human eye. Industrial camera can watch, record, save and analyze in real time, which plays a great role in medical and scientific research.

The imaging principle of the industrial camera in the microscope is: when the observed specimen is placed at a point slightly outside the focus in front of the objective lens, a magnified inverted real image will be formed at the inner side of the focus in front of the eyepiece and close to the focus, then a magnified inverted virtual image can be seen through the eyepiece. If the imaging position of the objective lens is adjusted so that the image formed by the objective lens is located on the outside of the focus in front of the eyepiece, and the image is magnified by the eyepiece, then a positive real image with secondary magnification can be obtained on the other side of the eyepiece. When the light source is strong enough, the image recorded by the sensitive chip of the industrial camera is saved in the industrial camera.

In order to obtain high-quality and high-resolution microscopic image, it is necessary to select professional industrial camera, cooperate with microscope objective and professional light source, and pay attention to the selection of various filters.

What are the categories of industrial cameras?