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Vision Detection Scheme of Inductive Characters


Vision Detection Scheme of Inductive Characters 

(1)Vision Detection Scheme of Inductive Characters Introduction

The electrosensory character vision detection scheme system identifies and detects the characters of the inductance. The output control signal can be output after detecting the non-conforming inductance element, and the unqualified products are rejected. 

(2)The Configuration of The Vision Detection Scheme for Inductive Characters 

 POMEAS 1 MP FA lens PMS-3514M;
 POMEAS gigabit count 5 MP CCD industry camera;
 POMEAS ring light;
 IPC:I5CPU 4G Memory;

Machine vision inspection software system based on POMEAS independent development 

(3)Test content 

 The presence of the test character; 

Error detection; 

Test whether the inductance is inverted. 

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