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Pin Foot Height Detection System

Pin Foot Height Detection System 

(1)Project Background

Connector, also known as connector, plug, socket, etc. As the components of the current, voltage and various switches in the integrated circuit board, the connectors have strict requirements on the dimensions and the appearance quality. However, as the development of science and technology, the product function increases, its structure becomes more and more complicated, the volume also becomes more and more miniaturized, so the quality performance testing of the product poses a great challenge. 


(2)System Requirements 

PIN feet hold out the base height 

The area of pin in the region is about 80 * 10mm 

Area 2 pin foot occupies an area of about 40 * 5mm 

The area of pin foot in region is about 50 * 5mm 

Area ii and regional 3 pin feet are about 50mm apart 

(3)System Configuration 

 Lens:POMEAS PMS-5018 5mm
Camera:5 MP CCD
 Light controller :Digital dual channel 

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