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Appearance Inspection System of Injection Molded Parts

Appearance Inspection System of Injection Molded Parts

(1)Project Background 

 With the rapid development of plastic processing industry in our country, the automation degree of injection molding equipment is higher and higher. From the beginning of the equipment to realize the automatic production of the product by the request, and now equipped with visual inspection to realize the automatic detection of the product, the whole production process is becoming more and more intelligent. 


(2)Project Requirement 


Detect keyboard key dislocation 

Detection keyboard key printing defects (screen printing incomplete, missing words, blurring, blemish, ink) 

Distinguish keyboard keys from color 

Detect keyboard chassis color 

Key spacing measurement 

Key inversion identification 

(3)System Characteristics 

 POMEAS industry lens PMS-0816M5 
 POMEAS 5 MP industry camera
High industry  light
 Based on the POMEAS  VisionPro software system 

The motion control system based on LabVIEW 

IAI electric cylinder 

Yamaha manipulator 

(4)  System Characteristics 

 On-line inspection 

The template is easy to set up, and the user does not need professional knowledge to increase the definition of the machine 

Defects of 0.04 mm2 can be detected 

Keyboard Detection System
Pin Foot Height Detection System