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Keyboard Detection System

Keyboard Detection System 

 This case provides a kind of online, stable and reliable way of inspection. 

(1)Project Background 

Computer keyboards are already familiar to consumers. For manufacturers, the production process of computer keyboards is quite complicated, and its inspection standards are extremely detailed. Traditional methods of artificial detection require a lot of labor, and the reliability of the detection is increasingly unable to satisfy the discerning customers. 


(2)Project Requirement

Detect keyboard key dislocation 

Detection keyboard key printing defects (screen printing incomplete, missing words, blurring, blemish, ink) 

Distinguish keyboard keys from color 

Detect keyboard chassis color 

Key spacing measurement 

Key inversion identification 

(3)System configuration 

 POMEAS HD telecentric lens PMS-DTC0088-390
 POMEAS 5 MP color CCD camera
Ditigal light adapter
 Multiple light 

(4)System Characteristic

On-line inspection 

The template is easy to set up, and the user does not need professional knowledge to increase the definition of the machine 

Defects of 0.04 mm2 can be detected 

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