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Application of Vision Inspection of LCD Character Defect

Application of Vision Inspection of LCD Character Defect

(1)Application Introduction

The main is to detect the character on the LCD screen, multi - word, missing strokes and stroke errors. Because of the diversity of products, multiple pages of each product and the uncertainty of character defects, we can use the CCD industrial camera lens to take pictures automatically, and the software automatic judgment method.  This not only improves the production efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of judgment, but also reduces the labor intensity and unreliability of labor.


(2)The Application Scheme Configuration of LCD Character Flaw Detection


POMEAS 5 MP FA Camera PMS-2514M5

 IPCI5CPU 4G Memory 
 POMEAS Gigabit Count CCD Industry Camera
 POMEAS  Machine Vision Ring Light 
 Machine vision inspection software system based on POMEAS independent development 


Vision System of Detection Scheme for Screen Flaw of Mobile Phone
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