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OCR/OCV Character Recognition and Detection System

In order to enhance the ability to trace products, a variety of strings of significance has been popularized to today's life and production. Such as electronic components, S M T string on the production line has become the standard process of circulation. In order to facilitate fast reading and recording, machine vision detection becomes an inevitable means, we provide the implementation of the highest character read rate, while the misread rate is kept to a minimum application solution.


System performance:

1, read or verify the date / batch code

2, verify the readability of the characters and printer operation is appropriate

3, fast and powerful characters to read, to adapt to low contrast or uneven lighting and other bad appearance of characters;

4, to non-standard font or symbol self-built character library;

5, a strong ability to identify similar characters;

6, can be compared with the database to verify the accuracy of character read;

7, the data can be saved to the database to ensure product traceability.



Batteries, electronic parts, PCB manufacturing, beverages, printing and other areas need to read characters.

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