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3D cameras are laser line scanning applications supporting equipment. Relative to the traditional industrial camera approach, can reduce the data transmission capacity of 90%.

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    Product Introduction



    3D cameras are laser line scanning applications supporting equipment.


    In laser line 3D profile measurement applications, the product can use high-performance field-programmable gate array processor and advanced algorithms to synchronize the laser line detection when capturing images. Eliminating the need for extensive transmission of time-consuming redundancy of the entire image to the PC, without the need for time-consuming complex PC laser line extraction algorithm. PC received laser line position data can be directly applied to follow-up.


    Compared with the traditional industrial camera, it can reduce the data transmission rate by 90%, PC software efficiency by 30%, scanning objects by 50%.


    The camera incorporates three laser line detection algorithms, from 1 pixel accuracy to 1/32 sub-pixel accuracy, for different applications. High-speed and high-resolution models are also available in the same product range to suit different applications.




    Products Advantage




    1. Non - contact 3D measurement, structure - based optical triangulation

    2. Camera integrated image processing, to achieve the detection of laser line;

    3. No need for PC software algorithm;

    4. 2 kinds of output data mode: image mode; line outline mode;

    5. Three laser line detection algorithms: MAX, THRESH, COG;

    6. Can achieve 1/32 subpixel contour accuracy;

    7. All algorithms can achieve the maximum scanning rate, not affected by the selected algorithm;

    8. ONSEMI CMOS image sensor;

    9. 720 × 480 pixel resolution;

    10. Global shutter, to eliminate motion distortion;

    11. Integrated external laser control interface, to achieve seamless connectivity;

    12. USB2.0 full speed interface;

    13. With software development kit, support VS development software;

    14. Compatible image processing library, can be quickly embedded directly into the user application.







    3D Dimensional Control - 3D sensors can be used to measure the size or shape, from large-sized containers to the finest electronics assembly industry.


    Low Contrast Contour Detection - The contrast between objects in many applications is extremely low and therefore not suitable for two-dimensional imaging. For example, in a tire inspection application, the 3D sensor realizes the detection of surface errors, or the analysis of the identification of the relief on the tire side.


    Shape Defect Detection of Objects - In such applications, the object moves at very high speeds, 3D can detect defects on the surface of the object, such as the flatness scan of the solar cell substrate.


    Road and Track Hazard Detection The 3D sensor is mounted on a test vehicle for high-precision scanning of the pavement and virtualizes the overall contour of the pavement structure to detect pavement or track anomalies such as pavement cracking, potholes, ruts, rail tracks Cracks, sleepers and other offset.






    3D Camera Parameter Table


















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