Machine vision lasers

Aurora series of machine vision lasers. With its high performance, high reliability.

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    Product Introduction



    Aurora series of machine vision lasers, with its high performance, high reliability, widely used in a variety of 2D / 3D visual applications and detection systems. With stripe fine, uniform power distribution, edge sharpness and other characteristics, to maximize the visual application of imaging resolution and accuracy. Can provide different projection patterns, different wavelengths, different power of a range of products to meet customer needs. Easy integration, high reliability structure, can be easily combined with a variety of visual systems to achieve a variety of machine vision applications.


    Laser structure


    (1) M12 connector socket (2) M20 nut (3) LED laser status indicator

    (4) focus fine-tuning ring (5) laser output head




    Products Advantage



    1. Unique optical and coating technology, to achieve a fine projection pattern

    2. Spectral range of 405nm-980nm

    3. Brightness uniformity of up to 95%

    4. Laser high-speed modulation up to 100 kHz

    5. Laser power continuously adjustable

    6. Precision laser focus adjustment mechanism, adjustable working distance

    7. 6 status indicator, a comprehensive monitoring of laser status

    8. 5V to 30V wide voltage input, with the wrong protection

    9. Control signal 5V to 30V shock-resistant function

    10. Dual temperature zone temperature warning, temperature self-protection function

    11. IP67 protection class, dustproof, waterproof, all-metal housing,

    12. Suitable for a variety of harsh environments

    13. M20 thread fixed, stable and reliable installation




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    Application Fields



    Widely used in a variety of 2D / 3D visual applications and detection systems, machine vision applications.







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