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View of development

POMEAS is committed to the five values of "integrity, commitment, simplicity, innovation and sharing". We are willing to integrate innovative resources with macro perspective, scientific, rational and transparent mechanism.



View of telent

POMEAS believes that intellectual resources are the first factor to support the development of science and technology enterprises. They advocate the openness of cooperation resources among talents, partners and friends in the industry ecology, and are willing to share the benefits of the value chain in depth.

POMEAS believes in the core values of "striving for the people", and advocates the concept of "Talent", "Honesty", "Distribution according to work" and "More work".



View of the world

POMEAS that industrial production and testing monotonous and the lack of humane care, eager to continue through the mass struggle, the use of visual technology optimization means to mankind from the boring industrial production, testing links in the further liberation.




Team Building Activities



POMEAS is committed to creating a good internal work, life, learning hard and soft environment, so that employees enjoy the work of comfort and growth of happiness. The company has sports room, reading room and other entertainment and leisure facilities, regular staff birthday, sports, team building and other cultural and sports activities, and regularly provide professional skills to the concept of thinking from all-round training, so that employees in a substantial and warm atmosphere In the sustained struggle, the intention to create.










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