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POMEAS optical accessories, equipment and solutions are at the leading level in the industry for many application field. More than 10 invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents, more than 20 appearance patents, 17 software copyrights.



We POMEAS has been awarded several honors,

as advanced enterprises.  



National High-Tech Enterprise 

Guangdong Province Engineering Technology Research Center

Optical Detection and Imaging Joint Laboratory

Guangdong Province Private Technology Enterprises

First Prize of Dongguan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

First Prize of Dongguan Qifeng Innovation

Made-in-China Website Certificate Supplier


ISO9001: 2015 Quality System Certification

Global Trademark Registration

More than 10 Computer Software Copyrights

More than 50 Patents

ATC Certification


Member of Dongguan High-tech Industry Association

China Machine Vision Alliance Member Company

AIA International Machine Vision Association







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