POMEAS not only has two large manufacturing centers in Dongguan and Jiangxi, but also has owed  property  of 1200 square meters of  Independent office building located in "CIMC Industrial Park"  of the south of Songshan Lake, where is next to Huawei Town. It has already operated as the company headquarter and research and development base. The opening ceremony was held on August 18, 2020.




We jointly cultivate technical talents with universities and colleges and constantly excavate top talents sources in the industry to help the company to introduce talents, through set up the postgraduate internship base with universities and colleges.



Respond to the nation call in moving toward the industry 4.0, meanwhile, seize the opportunity of the transformation from Made in China to Made with Wisdom in China.  According to its own advantages, POMEAS development direction:


1. Develop from a relatively unitary optical component supplier to a relatively complete machine vision inspection system integration supplier;


2. Provide OEM and ODM services for vision systems or automated system solutions;


3. POMEAS customer groups expand from relatively unitary measurement industry to  many industry fields.







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