Battery Surface Character Inspection Solution




Batteries play a big role in our daily life, and they are found in various remote controls, electric toys, and electronic products.


When the battery is manufactured, various characters will be printed on the surface to let the user clearly understand its brand, performance, production and use information and other parameters.In the actual screen printing printing process, the characters on the surface of the battery will also have the appearance of quality problems, in order to ensure that defective products will not enter the market, you need to do a good job of quality inspection.


Detection Requirements:

Detect whether there are defects such as misprints, omissions, missing characters and surface scratches on the battery surface.


The common solution is to use vision detection systems,Batteries are cylindrical, requiring multiple industrial cameras and lenses to shoot from different sides, and then synthesize and identify the images for determination, so is there a solution that uses a camera and can be able to shoot the complete battery surface characters?




With the POMEAS 360° outer wall inspection lens, only one camera and lens are needed to present a complete image of the outside of the battery ring, clearly identifying all defects, effectively simplifying the layout of the vision system and reducing costs.



POMEAS is committed to the manufacturing plant industrial vision inspection intelligence, can provide complete vision solutions and core accessories, if you have the corresponding needs, you can contact us.



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