In What Areas Can Industrial Zoom Lenses Be Used?




Zoom lens is an optical lens whose magnification can be continuously and steplessly adjusted within a certain range. It is a very important component in the field of industrial automation and can achieve clear observation and identification of objects.As a lens with zoom function, industrial zoom lens has a wide range of applications, such as the following scenarios:


1. Chip character detection: The industrial zoom lens can magnify the characters on the chip to a clear and easy-to-observe state, making it easier for workers to identify and detect. To ensure the quality and reliability of the chip.


2. Appearance inspection: Industrial zoom lenses can be used for appearance inspection of products, such as detecting whether there are scratches, deformations, chromatic aberration and other defects on the surface of the shell to ensure the quality and aesthetics of the product.


3. Gold finger detection: Industrial zoom lenses can be used for gold finger detection. The gold finger is magnified by several magnifications, allowing inspectors to see the image more clearly and accurately identify whether there are appearance defects.


4. Circuit board detection: Circuit boards are basic components in electronic equipment, and industrial zoom lenses are used for circuit board detection. The circuit board image can be enlarged by several magnifications to see more clearly whether there are defects in the circuit board's lines and components to ensure the reliability and performance of electronic equipment.


5. Inductor resistance detection: Inductor resistance is a precision component. Defects such as breakage and chips may occur during the manufacturing process. Installation into the product will affect product performance, so strict quality inspection is required. Using a visual inspection solution consisting of the industrial zoom lens, the inductor-resistance image can be magnified by several magnifications, preserved with clear and low distortion, and defects can be accurately identified.



Industrial zoom lenses are widely used in high-precision industries such as biology, semiconductors, electronics, and machine vision. They have the advantages of large field of view, high definition, high resolution, and low distortion, which can make detection results more accurate and reliable. Improve production efficiency and product quality.



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