Visual Measurement Solution For Mobile Phone Middle Frame




Mobile phone frame is an important part of the composition of the mobile phone, many components need to be assembled in the frame, so the position, height, flatness and other dimensions of the frame on the gold accuracy has high requirements, these dimensions on the structure of the mobile phone, the quality of the phone have a direct impact on the frame, so the frame needs to be processed through the completion of the strict quality inspection.




Detection requirements:


Measure the hole diameter, hole distance, flatness and other dimensions of the middle frame.




Inspection Solution:


Pomeas is a core supplier of machine vision and industrial automation products, and can provide a complete set of measurement solutions for middle frame vision.



Solution Introduction

Pomeas  vision measurement system is equipped with self-developed 6.5X zoom lens, Gigabit industrial camera, high precision vision controller, 3D vision software, etc. The high-performance core configuration allows the measurement system to have a good performance for the measurement of segment difference, flatness, height and other dimensions.



Pomeas vision measurement solutions are now widely used in precision machining industry, automotive parts industry, 3C electronics and other industries, the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement results to obtain the trust of many users.



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