Frequently asked questions about zoom lenses




    Variable magnification lenses are industrial lenses whose magnification can be continuously adjusted within a certain range, and are mainly used in quadratic image testers, crystal fixing machines, vision screening machines, and other vision inspection applications.



    Features of zoom lenses


   1. The object distance remains the same, the working distance remains the same, and the back focus remains the same when the magnification is changed.


    2. The image is always at its sharpest during the zoom process.


    3. The image should not be shaken and the centre should not be shifted during the zoom process (the shift error should be a very small value).


    4. Repeatable positioning accuracy of the zoom is required to be high.


    5. Functionality is modular and scalable.




    Structural components of the zoom lens


    The zoom lens is composed of object surface, front objective, front fixed group, zoom group, compensation group, rear fixed group, image surface, etc. The zoom group and compensation group move according to the design curve to achieve the magnification change.




    Can I use the zoom lens directly after mounting it?


    After the zoom lens is mounted, it needs to be adjusted for both flanging and centre shift. Flush focus adjustment is to ensure that the image is continuous and clear during the zoom process, generally through the maximum times to adjust the working distance, and the minimum times to adjust the back focus back and forth. The centre shift adjustment is to ensure that the centre of the image does not shift during the zoom process, which is done by adjusting the centre of the image plane at the minimum and the centre of the object plane at the maximum back and forth.



    POMEAS is a core supplier of machine vision and industrial automation products with a perfect industrial chain, and is an enterprise that develops and produces zoom lenses. Pumice zoom lenses are available in a variety of categories, including 6.5x continuous zoom lenses, 8x motorised zoom lenses, 12.5x rail zoom lenses, and 4K large field zoom lenses, etc. Pumice has a wide range of zoom lenses and a wide range of other products.

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