What lenses are used to photograph reflective metal parts in vision inspection?




    Photographing reflective metal parts is a common difficulty in visual inspection. Since the metal surface has high reflectivity and high brightness, once it encounters strong light irradiation, it will produce reflective phenomena, resulting in image quality degradation, thus affecting the accuracy of the detection results. Therefore, when shooting reflective metal parts, it is necessary to choose a suitable lens to solve this problem.




    Telecentric industrial lens is an optical lens that can eliminate the parallax of traditional industrial lenses, with high resolution, low distortion, large depth of field, constant magnification, stable imaging and other characteristics, in the reflective metal parts inspection is a more ideal choice.



    Advantages of telecentric lenses for photographing reflective metal parts applications:




    1. Eliminate reflections: Telecentric lenses use a special optical design that allows the light to focus on the same point on the object, thus eliminating reflections. Compared with traditional industrial lenses, the image quality of telecentric lenses is more stable and less susceptible to interference from ambient light.




    2. Improve resolution: Telecentric lenses can reduce image distortion and aberration, thus improving resolution. This is very important for the detection of reflective metal parts, because only a high-resolution image can accurately reflect the details and defects on the surface of the object.




    3. Strong adaptability: telecentric lens has a long working distance and large depth of field, which can obtain clear images at different shooting distances and angles.




    POMEAS  relying on the relevant technology and market experience we have mastered over the years, we have launched a variety of types of telecentric lenses and accessories, which can meet the needs of the majority of users in high-precision measurement of electronic parts measurement, glass products inspection, metal parts inspection, mechanical parts measurement, injection moulding parts inspection and other high-precision measurement needs.

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