PCB Drill Diameter Inspection Programme




PCB board manufacturing requires the use of drill cutters for drilling alignments, and different sizes of drill cutters can be used for different sized holes. If the holes are not of the correct size, the board may not work properly or may be damaged. Therefore, in order to ensure that each hole on the PCB board has the correct size and position, and to ensure the normal operation of the circuit board, it is necessary to carry out precise dimensional measurements of the drill cutter.



Detection needs:

Measure the PCB drill diameter, cutter length and other dimensions to determine whether they meet production requirements.




Detection programme:

The use of POMEAS IMAGE3 series image size measurement instrument, with good stability and high measurement accuracy, can bring a more convenient and accurate experience for pcb drill size inspection.



Programme strengths:


1. High measurement accuracy

Equipped with double telecentric lenses independently developed by POMEAS, the image distortion is small and the measurement data is accurate. Moreover, there are multiple measurement modes to be switched, including ±1.5μm in high precision mode and ±3μm in wide field of view mode.



2. Fast measuring speed

Automatic identification of product position and direction, and multiple products can be measured at the same time, 1 second measurement of nearly 100 sizes, greatly saving time, improve the detection efficiency.



3. High degree of automation

After placing the product, one key can start the measurement, automatically record the measurement results and determine whether it is qualified or not, the data is clear and intuitive, and can be saved in a variety of formats, which is convenient for subsequent analysis and processing.

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