Image measuring instrument application of automotive engine connecting rod size measurement




     The development of automobiles has gone through many stages from handmade to mechanised production, and from fuel power to electrification. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, product quality control is the competitive advantage of enterprises, the size measurement of automotive parts has become more and more important, but due to the variety of automotive parts and complex shapes, it is difficult to complete the accuracy requirements of the traditional manual inspection methods, so choosing a good measuring equipment is a guarantee to ensure product quality.




     Automotive engine connecting rod is an important part in the car, if the dimensional accuracy of the automotive engine connecting rod is not up to standard, it will cause consequences to the car such as increased noise, increased fuel consumption, shortened engine life and so on, thus affecting the overall performance of the car. Therefore, the dimensional accuracy of automotive engine connecting rods is very important and must meet the standard requirements.



     Dimension measurement is an important part to ensure the accuracy of engine connecting rods. Shaft diameter, centre distance, roundness, hole diameter, etc. are necessary items for connecting rod dimension testing.




     IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument equipped with high-resolution double telecentric lens, low distortion, large depth of field, imaging true and clear, combined with high-precision image analysis and processing system, automatic identification of the measuring part, you can accurately and stably complete the connecting rod size measurement.



     POMEAS Image Measuring Instrument incorporates the principle of one-key flash measurement, programmed to automatically measure by pressing the start button, the inspection process is simple and fast, anyone can easily operate, and the measurement results are uniform and stable. It is a powerful tool for size measurement in automotive, hardware, electronics and other industries!

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