MAX image measuring instrument application of automotive brake pad size inspection




With the continuous development of the automotive industry, the safety of automobiles is also getting more and more attention. As an important part of automotive safety, the stability and reliability of the automotive brake system is of great concern. The size of the brake pads in the brake system directly affects the braking effect, so the accurate measurement of the brake pad size is a particularly important part of automotive production.



Measurement needs:

Inspection of automotive brake pad length, width, distance, R angle, hole depth, thickness and other dimensions to determine whether they meet the assembly requirements.



Measurement programme:

With the POMEAS IMAGE3 MAX Image Dimension Measuring Instrument, equipped with a high-precision spectral confocal sensor, brake pads can be dimensionally inspected in 2D & thickness, height, and segment difference in a single pass.



Advantages of the IMAGE3 MAX image measuring instrument:


1. With auto-focus, auto-positioning and other functions, for the product of small features can be automatically identified to ensure the clarity of the image and the accuracy of the measurement.


2. Equipped with the spectral lens developed by POMEAS, it can complete two-dimensional and three-dimensional dimensional measurement to meet the measurement needs of different occasions.


3. Non-contact measurement, effectively avoiding the generation of human error, can greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of measurement.


4. Input tolerance requirements, automatically determine the product size qualified or not, the data is clear and intuitive, and can be saved and entered into a variety of formats, easy to check at any time.



POMEAS IMAGE3 MAX Image Measuring Instrument has the advantages of high precision, high efficiency and high automation. It can quickly and accurately complete the size inspection of optical parts, hardware parts, electronics industry, moulds, automotive parts and so on.

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