Blade battery sealing nail cleaning and positioning vision program




Automotive power battery production process is complex, from the front section of the mixing and coating, to the middle section of the core synthesis winding (stacking), liquid injection stage, and then to the back section of the chemical formation, packaging, etc., will use the machine vision of the positioning, guidance, identification, measurement and other functions.



In the battery liquid injection process, the liquid injection hole is the only channel for communication between the inside of the battery and the external environment. However, due to improper operation, environmental factors or other reasons, the injection hole may be contaminated or blocked, resulting in the electrolyte inside the battery not being injected smoothly, thus affecting the performance and safety of the battery.



By cleaning the sealing peg injection holes, dirt, impurities or other contaminants can be removed to ensure that the injection holes are unobstructed and the electrolyte is injected smoothly. This helps to ensure the sealing performance of the battery and the sufficient amount of electrolyte, improving the quality and safety of the battery.




The machine vision inspection program composed of POMEAS industrial lens, industrial camera and vision light source can clean and quickly complete the cleaning and positioning of the sealing nail injection holes to ensure that the degree of surface purification meets the requirements to ensure the quality of the welding of the sealing nail.



Detection effect diagram:



Program Strengths:



1. Lens, camera, light source and other independent research and development, can be selected according to customer needs, to meet a variety of positioning needs.


2. High image clarity, good effect, can realize high-precision detection.


3. non-contact detection, will not produce any damage to the product, is conducive to the protection of the fine structure of the product.

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