Automotive battery sealing nail welding guide vision solution




Sealing nail welding is an important part of the battery manufacturing process, and its quality directly affects the sealing and safety of the battery. Through guided inspection, welding defects, such as undersized welds, porosity, weld penetration, etc., can be detected and solved in time, thus ensuring the welding quality of the battery.



In the welding process, if automated guidance and detection can be realized, it can reduce manual intervention and operational errors, and improve production efficiency.



Machine vision is a technology that utilizes image processing and analysis techniques for automated inspection and control. In sealing nail welding inspection, through high-resolution industrial lenses, industrial cameras and specific light sources, the machine vision system can capture clear welding images. By analyzing the image, it can accurately locate the position of the weld seam, detect whether the weld seam is full, whether there are defects and other issues to ensure that the welding quality meets the requirements.



POMEAS is a professional machine vision sensor devices and solutions provider, can provide welding inspection in the required industrial cameras, industrial inspection lenses, vision light source and other core devices, and has the following advantages:



1. POMEAS lenses, cameras, light sources and other models, according to the needs of the inspection to adapt products to meet a variety of inspection requirements.



2. High resolution, high contrast, high definition and other advantages of Bumis lenses, which can capture clear welding images.



3. High Reliability: Bumis lenses, cameras, light sources and other devices have high reliability and stability, and can work stably for a long time in complex industrial environments.



4. Intelligent image processing and control can be realized by combining the use of the POMEAS lens, camera and light source. Highlighting the characteristic information of sealing nails, improving the accuracy and stability of image processing.

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