How to choose between a motorised zoom lens and a manual zoom lens?




Industrial production inspection, often need to use the machine vision system to complete the appearance or size and other quality inspection, industrial lens as the machine vision system "eyes", for the detection of imaging plays an important role.



In most cases, visual inspection only needs to see the image of the goods at a specified distance, and the fixed-magnification lens or fixed-focus lens can meet the requirements. But with the rapid development of industrial production technology, products are more and more complex, machine vision system applications are more and more rich scene, some need to keep zooming in and out of the screen to capture a complete image, you need to zoom lens to play a role.




A zoom lens can be used to achieve a clear image of the subject by changing the optical magnification of the lens. According to the way to adjust the magnification, it can be divided into two types: motorised magnification and manual magnification, each of which has different advantages and applicable scenarios.




Manual zoom lens for zoom requires the user to manually rotate the lens body on the adjustment ring adjustment, simple structure, easy maintenance, cost-effective, widely used in scientific research.




Motorised zoom lenses are much simpler, working through an internal motor to complete the zoom. It can achieve continuous doubling, and the doubling speed is faster, suitable for complex and high-speed inspection scenes.




Motorised zoom lenses and manual zoom lenses have their own advantages and are suitable for different application scenarios. For scenes that require fast and automatic zoom, motorised zoom lenses are more suitable; while for scenes with higher cost requirements and no shooting speed requirements, manual zoom lenses are a better choice. When choosing a zoom lens, you need to choose the right type according to the actual application requirements.

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