What is the difference between telecentric and non-telecentric lenses?




In industrial vision inspection, the role of the lens is to image the target on the photosensitivity of the image sensor, and plays an important role in the quality of visual image imaging. It is an important part of the composition of the machine vision system, and the commonly used lenses are mainly telecentric lenses, fixed focus FA lenses, zoom lenses and so on. These lenses have their unique applications and advantages in industrial vision inspection, but there are some differences between them.



Telecentric lens is a special kind of industrial lens, which adopts telecentric optical design, which can ensure that the size of the field of view of the object side is directly proportional to the object distance within a certain object distance range, and independent of the focal length of the lens. Therefore, in industrial vision inspection, telecentric lenses can accurately measure the size and shape of objects and are suitable for high-precision measurement and identification.



Variable-magnification lens is a magnification within a certain range can be continuously adjustable industrial lens, which is characterized by high resolution, high contrast, the focal length of the lens can be continuously changed. In the case of not changing the object distance, the lens magnification changes, that is, the shooter can not be adjusted times the distance of the scene, you can change the field of view and the size of the image shot. The zoom lens adopts the infinity optical system, the whole field of view can be obtained excellent image quality.




Fixed focus lenses are industrial lenses with non-adjustable focal lengths, but fast focusing speeds and stable image quality make them suitable for scenarios where the inspection working distance is fixed and the inspection area is the same plane. Fixed focus lenses may not be able to meet complex or highly variable inspection needs in some cases.




The difference between telecentric lenses and non-telecentric lenses such as zoom lenses and fixed-focus FA lenses lies in their respective characteristics and application areas. Choosing the right type of lens needs to be determined based on specific inspection needs and application scenarios.

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