Components of the Focus laser autofocus microscope system




The POMEAS Focus laser autofocus microscope system is a microscope that integrates high precision, high speed and stable performance. The system consists of seven modules: an industrial camera, a coaxial light source, an objective focusing motion module, an objective mounting module, a microscope tube module, a laser sensor module, and an APO objective plate. These modules work together to provide stable, clear and accurate images for microscopic observation.

1. As the core component of a microscope system, the industrial camera is characterized by high resolution, high sensitivity and low noise. It is capable of capturing the details of the microscopic world and outputting the image data in digital form to facilitate subsequent processing and analysis. The advantages of industrial cameras lie in their stability and reliability, which can maintain stable performance in long-time work and ensure the accuracy of observation results.


2. The coaxial light source module provides uniform and stable light conditions for the microscope system. It adopts specially designed light source and reflector, which enables the light to be uniformly irradiated on the sample, reduces shadows and reflections, and improves the contrast and clarity of the image. The advantage of the coaxial light source is that its light effect is stable and not easily affected by the external environment, thus ensuring the consistency and reliability of the observation results.


3. Objective lens focusing motion module is responsible for controlling the up and down movement of the objective lens to realize the automatic focusing function. The module adopts precision stepping motor and sensor, which can precisely control the moving distance and speed of the objective lens to ensure the accuracy and stability of focusing. The advantage of the objective lens focusing motion module is its fast response speed and high focusing accuracy, which can complete the focusing operation in a short time and improve the observation efficiency.


4. The objective lens mounting module is used to fix and support the objective lens to ensure its stability and reliability in operation. The module adopts sturdy material and precise manufacturing process, which can withstand the weight of the objective lens and the impact force generated by the movement, and maintain the stability and positional accuracy of the objective lens. The advantages of the objective lens mounting module are its stable structure, easy installation, and compatibility with a variety of specifications of objective lenses to meet different observation needs.


5. The microscope tube module is the main structure of the microscope system, which is used to support and connect each module. It is made of high rigidity material with good stability and shock resistance. The advantage of the microscope tube module is that its rational design and compact structure can ensure the precise coordination and smooth operation of each module, and improve the stability and reliability of the whole system. 


6. The laser sensor module is one of the key components in the microscope system, which is used to realize the auto-focus function. It determines the distance between the objective lens and the sample by emitting a laser and detecting the reflected light signal, thus controlling the focusing motion module of the objective lens to carry out the focusing operation. The advantages of the laser sensor module are its fast focusing speed and high accuracy, which can be adapted to samples with different shapes and surface characteristics and improve the flexibility and accuracy of observation.


7. The APO objective lens plate, as an optical component of the microscope system, has excellent optical performance. It can eliminate optical defects such as chromatic aberration and spherical aberration, and improve the clarity and resolution of the image.The advantages of APO objective plate are its high imaging quality and wide range of application, which can meet a variety of microscopic observation needs.



The seven modules of the POMEAS Focus laser autofocus microscope each have their own unique advantages, which together form this high-performance microscope. These modules work together to provide users with stable, clear and accurate microscopic images for a wide range of applications including real-time focusing for microscopic observation, precision laser welding, precision laser cutting, and more.

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