The impact of light source selection on product inspection




Light sources play a very important role in contouring inspection



Suitable illumination can provide sufficient luminance to make the contours, shapes and details of the target clearly visible, thus facilitating subsequent image processing and analysis.



1. Illuminate the target: the light emitted by the light source can illuminate the target to be detected, so that the characteristics of the target can be clearly captured by the visual inspection system.


2. Provide signal reflection: the detected target will reflect part of the light, and these reflected rays contain the target's characteristic information. By capturing and analyzing these reflected rays, the visual inspection system can identify the shape, color, texture and other features of the target, and make further judgment and classification based on these features.


3. Overcome the interference of ambient light: ensure the stability of the image and improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the image.


4. Improve the positioning, measuring and recognition accuracy of the vision system as well as the operation speed of the system.


5. Reduce the complexity of system design and form an imaging effect that is most favorable to image processing.



Choosing the right light source is the key to contour detection, if the light source is too bright or too dark, it may affect the accuracy of the detection; light source irradiation is not uniform, resulting in the target partially illuminated, partially covered by shadows; ambient light affects the light source irradiation effect, the distance between the light source and the target will also affect the reflection and propagation of light, and other reasons may lead to the measurement results of the deviation.



In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to choose a suitable light source, ensure uniform illumination of the light source and take measures to reduce the interference of ambient light.

The lens of POMEAS Metric Multi-sensor Measurement System comes with a high brightness and high uniformity cold light source, and with the MetX Multi-sensor Measurement System, it can automatically adjust the light area and the light ring, which can be applied to different test scenarios.

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