Metric Multi-Sensor Measurement System for Cell Phone Glass Sheet Measurements




With the rapid development of technology, cell phone has become an indispensable part of our life. As an important part of the appearance of the cell phone, the quality and precision of the cell phone glass plate directly affects the overall quality of the cell phone. In order to ensure the quality of cell phone glass plate, measurement technology is particularly important. Among them, three-dimensional profilometer, as an advanced measurement technology, plays an increasingly important role in the measurement of cell phone glass plate.


Introduction to Metric Multi-Sensor Measurement Systems

The Metric Multi-sensor Measurement System is a high-precision measurement device with a variety of structure types to choose from, an audio-activated drive platform that ensures the device's operational accuracy and stability, and a multi-group, self-developed measurement lens program that allows for comprehensive and high-efficiency measurement of the surface topography of an object. The MetX multi-sensor measurement software makes the Metric series even more comprehensive and powerful. Using OS/APP architecture, it can be compatible with a variety of functional modules such as size measurement, sensor measurement, contour inspection, vision inspection, etc., and can be switched flexibly according to the needs, and the software also supports a variety of measurement sensors (point spectrum, line laser, line spectrum, probe, etc.), which makes the measurements even more comprehensive, easier to operate, and greatly improves the accuracy and stability of the product. The software also supports a variety of measurement sensors (point spectrum, line laser, line spectrum, probe, etc.) for more comprehensive measurements and simpler operation, which greatly enhances measurement efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in industrial production and quality control.

Application in cell phone glass plate measurement


Surface Topography Inspection


The surface topography of cell phone glass panels has a significant impact on their appearance and tactile sensation. Through the measurement of Metric multi-sensor measurement system, the three-dimensional shape of the surface of the glass plate can be obtained, including flatness, concavity, convexity, angle and other information. These data can help manufacturers understand the surface quality of the glass plate, and identify and solve problems in production in a timely manner.

Size Measurement

The Metric multi-sensor measurement system can also be used for the dimensional measurement of cell phone glass panels. By measuring the length, width, height and other parameters of the glass plate, it is possible to ensure that the dimensions of the glass plate meet the design requirements. This is critical to ensure fit and consistency during cell phone assembly.

Defect Detection


During the manufacturing process of cell phone glass panels, various defects may appear, such as bubbles, impurities, scratches, etc. Metric multi-sensor measurement system can quickly find these defects, locate and classify them through high-precision measurement. This helps the manufacturer to find and solve the problems in production in time and improve the yield rate of the products.

reverse engineering

The 3D profilometer can also be used for reverse engineering of cell phone glass panels. By measuring the surface topography of a glass plate, data from its 3D model can be obtained. This data can be used for product replication, improvement and optimization, providing manufacturers with more flexible and efficient production methods.

With the continuous development of the cell phone industry, the quality requirements for cell phone glass panels are getting higher and higher. As an advanced measurement technology, 3D profilometer has a wide application prospect in the measurement of cell phone glass panels. It can provide high-precision measurement results, help manufacturers improve product quality and yield rate, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In the future, with the continuous development and improvement of Metric multi-sensor measurement system technology, it is believed that it will play an even more important role in the measurement of cell phone glass panels.

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