Precision Measurement for a New Era in Industry--POMEAS Metric Multi-Sensor Measurement System




In modern industrial production, high precision measurement technology is the key to ensure product quality. As a high-precision and high-efficiency measurement device, PEMS Metric multi-sensor measurement system is leading the new era of industrial measurement with its excellent performance and innovative technology.



The Metric multi-sensor measurement system utilizes advanced optical technology and high-precision sensors to quickly and accurately measure the three-dimensional contours and surface features of a wide variety of objects. Whether it is a material such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber, wood, or an item such as a part, mold, hardware, or plastic part, the POMEAS Metric Multi-Sensor Measuring System can handle it with ease.



The POMEAS Metric multi-sensor measurement system is characterized by high accuracy, speed, flexibility, stability and ease of use. Its measurement accuracy is as high as 0.01mm, and its measurement speed is so fast that it can measure thousands of points per second. It also supports multiple measurement modes and data output formats, which can be flexibly configured and adjusted according to different measurement needs.



In addition, POMEAS Metric multi-sensor measurement system adopts high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing process, the instrument is highly stable and has a long service life. With the MetX multi-sensor measurement system, it is easy to operate and has a friendly interface, which can be used without professional training.


Metric multi-sensor measurement systems are used in a wide range of industries including electronics, mechanical processing, plastics, materials processing, and automotive. Common parts include stamped parts, injection molded parts or laser cut parts.



It can be used for 3D contour and surface feature measurement of parts, molds, products, etc. to ensure the quality and accuracy of products. In art appraisal, it can be used for 3D contour and surface feature measurement of artwork, 3D contour comparison, etc., to help obtain the 3D contour and surface feature data of the object.



With its excellent performance and innovative technology, Metric multi-sensor measurement system provides users with more efficient and accurate measurement solutions. It is not only a high-precision measuring device, but also a technological innovation in the field of industrial measurement. Choosing a PEMIS Metric is a choice for quality and efficiency. We believe that POMEAS Metric multi-sensor measurement system will be your right-hand man for industrial measurement and provide strong support for your business development.



POMEAS is committed to plowing into technological innovation, digging into the pain points of demand, providing detailed services, always focusing on the field of machine vision, adhering to the road of craftsmanship, dedication and professionalism, to provide practical and feasible high-precision and high-efficiency industrial inspection solutions for users in different industries.

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