Advantages of telecentric lenses in measurement solutions




Telecentric lenses have significant advantages in measurement solutions. Firstly, its magnification is consistent, making the measurement non-contact, which can solve the problem of inaccurate measurement data caused by the easy deformation of movement. Secondly, telecentric industrial lenses with large depth of field and clear imaging can detect very small defects and achieve comprehensive inspection. Traditional parts measurement methods require a lot of time and manpower, while the inspection solution equipped with telecentric industrial lenses can complete a series of high-precision measurements in a very short period of time and provide a rapid response to them, thus reducing the defect rate, improving production efficiency, saving production costs, and promoting product quality improvement.

In addition, telecentric lenses offer the following advantages:



1、When detecting objects that are not on the same plane, the telecentric lens can maintain a high degree of stability, while ordinary industrial lenses need to adjust the magnification in order to obtain a clear and consistent image.


2, double telecentric lens in the observation of a certain thickness of the object can still retain the image contrast, the symmetry of the telecentric optical system and the parallelism of the beam to enhance the stability of the overall image and reduce fuzzy noise.


3, telecentric lens has no viewing angle error and high image resolution advantages in image measurement system has a great advantage.


4, telecentric lens can be used in a variety of fields, such as mechanical parts measurement, glass and pharmaceutical containers measurement, electronic components measurement.


As a result, telecentric industrial lenses have many advantages in inspecting part dimensions, and their high accuracy, high efficiency, non-contact, ease of use, and comprehensiveness make them an ideal tool for modern industrial applications. The use of telecentric industrial lenses improves productivity and quality, reduces production costs, and brings more business advantages to manufacturers.

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