Why don't imagers use FA lenses?




We all know that imagers mostly use double telecentric lenses or 4K lenses, why don't they use FA lenses? Is the imaging effect is not good? But visual inspection program and common FA lens.



First we need to understand, what is a FA lens?


FA lens, full name Factory Automation lens, that is, factory automation lens, is a kind of lens used in industrial vision alignment, size inspection, surface vision inspection and other scenes. It usually supports million pixels with C interface, but with large distortion and obvious dark corners. This kind of lens is widely used in industrial production vision application, especially in the scene that needs high precision and short working distance inspection.FA lens is relatively low in price and simple in operation, and it is applicable to a wide range of applications.



So why don't imagers use FA lenses?


Mainly because of its large aberration, which will affect the measurement accuracy. In addition, the focal length of the FA lens will also affect the measurement accuracy, so in the actual application of the need to choose the appropriate focal length according to the actual situation.


In addition, the FA lens has a larger field of view and lower requirements for lighting conditions, which makes it advantageous in the detection of some large-size objects in the imaging. However, since its magnification can vary, it can cause errors due to the choice of viewing angle, which can also affect the measurement accuracy.


FA lenses have the advantages of low cost and versatility in some vision solutions, but have some limitations in image measurement.



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