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A dispensing fixture is a specialised tool used to precisely control the application of glue or other fluids at a specific location. It typically consists of a body and a limiting structure, which has an internal cavity to hold the component to be dispensed. The limit structure is mounted on the body and includes a plurality of limit blocks that are spaced along the circumference of the cavity and can slide relative to the body for positioning and clamping of different sized components to be dispensed. This design enables the dispensing fixture to be adapted to a wide range of component sizes and improves the versatility of the fixture.


The POMEAS Multi-Sensor measurement system can quickly and accurately acquire the 3D contours and flat dimensions of dispensing fixtures. The system combines a variety of sensor technologies to achieve all-round, high-precision measurements of dispensing fixtures.



During the measurement process, the Multi-Sensor Measurement System ensures the accuracy of the results by capturing the subtle features of the dispensing fixtures through its high-resolution scanning capabilities. Whether it's the contour, flatness or other critical dimensions of the fixture, the system captures and records them with precision.



In addition, the measurement system's sensors offer a number of advantages. Firstly, they have good electromagnetic shielding performance, which can effectively resist the electromagnetic interference that may be generated by remote control and other electronic devices, ensuring the stability of the measurement results. Secondly, the high accuracy and sensitivity of the sensors enable the system to achieve fine measurements of the dispensing fixtures, whether it is a small change in contour or a subtle difference in flatness, all of which can be accurately captured.



The multi-sensor measurement system not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of the measurement, but also greatly simplifies the measurement process. Through the automated operation of the system, we can quickly obtain 3D models of dispensing fixtures for dimensional inspection and functional performance testing. This provides manufacturers with valuable feedback at the product design stage, helping them to identify potential problems, optimise product design and ultimately improve productivity.



Multi-sensor measurement systems have demonstrated excellent performance and benefits in measuring dispensing fixtures. Not only can it accurately capture information such as the 3D contours and planar dimensions of the fixtures, but it also ensures the stability and accuracy of the measurement results through its advanced sensor technology. With the continuous progress of technology, we have reason to believe that the multi-sensor measurement system will play a more important role in the future industrial measurement field.

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