Principle of laser autofocus microdetection chip




Chip inspection is a very complex visual engineering, POMEAS Focus laser autofocus microscope system is compact, the semiconductor laser, optical system, high-speed signal processing module, laser control, motion control, and software algorithms in one, can be high precision, high efficiency chip detection, and can be integrated into customer programs and equipment, and Focus laser autofocus microscope system inspection. The principle of the chip is mainly based on laser ranging and autofocus technology, next we take a detailed look:



Laser Ranging:

The Focus laser autofocus microscope first fires a laser beam onto the chip surface. When the laser touches the chip surface, some of the light is reflected back. By measuring the time difference between when the laser is fired and when it receives the reflected light, combined with the speed of light, the system can calculate the distance between the laser and the chip surface. This distance information is critical in determining where to focus the lens.



Autofocus technology:

Autofocus technology is used to adjust the position of the lens in real time to ensure that the chip surface is in optimal focus. When the distance information of the chip surface is obtained by laser ranging, the autofocus system will drive the lens to make fine adjustments according to this information until the image of the chip surface reaches the sharpest state under the microscope.



Image Acquisition and Analysis:

Once the lens is properly focused, the system captures images of the chip surface through a microscope. These images are extremely high resolution and clearly show the microstructure and features on the chip. The system then processes and analyzes these images to detect possible defects, contamination or other abnormalities on the chip.



Non-contact detection:


The entire inspection process is non-contact, which means that the laser autofocus microscope does not cause any physical damage to the chip. This non-contact inspection method is ideal for high-value, high-precision chip inspection.



Focus laser autofocus microscope system realizes precise inspection of microstructure and features on chip surface by laser ranging and autofocus technology, combined with high-resolution image acquisition and analysis. This inspection method is not only fast and accurate, but also non-contact, providing powerful technical support for chip manufacturing and quality control.

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