Character Detection for Telecentric Lens Inspection Solution




Telecentric lens inspection solutions have a wide range of applications in the field of character detection and can provide different solutions for different types of character detection needs.


Detection needs and difficulties:

The needs of character detection usually include identifying whether the characters are misprinted, missing, omitted, and other defects, as well as detecting the quality of character printing and determining whether there are defects such as soiling, scratches, poor printing, and other defects. Detection difficulties may lie in the small contrast between the characters and the background, the tiny defects on the characters are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, as well as the detection of the surface of the item may have reflections or curvature and other problems.



Detection Program:


1, Lens: Pumice variable telecentric lens or double side double telecentric lens, these lenses have the characteristics of uniform distribution of the center light and edge light, can be through the film or reflective surface to obtain a clear character image.


2、Camera: Bumis Gigabit network CCD industrial cameras, cameras and telecentric lenses used in conjunction to ensure that the clarity of the character image and capture the details.


3、Light source: ring vision light source or parallel vision light source, a reasonable combination of light sources can improve the contrast between the characters and the background, reducing the difficulty of detection.



Test results:





Program Strengths:


1. high resolution and low distortion: telecentric lens can provide high resolution and low distortion images to ensure the clarity and accuracy of characters.


2. Contrast Enhancement: By reasonably matching the light source, the contrast between the characters and the background can be improved, making the characters easier to recognize.


3. adaptable: telecentric lens inspection solutions can be adapted to different types of character detection needs, including different materials, colors and shapes of characters.



POMEAS telecentric lens detection solution has significant advantages and wide application prospects in the field of character detection. Through the reasonable configuration of hardware equipment and advanced image processing algorithms, it can realize efficient and accurate character detection and meet various practical application requirements. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, telecentric lens detection program will play a greater role in the field of character detection.

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