White Light Interferometers: Excellence in High-Precision Measurement




The product characteristics of white light interferometer are mainly reflected in the following aspects:



1. Non-contact measurement: The white light interferometer adopts a non-contact measurement method, which avoids the possible damage to the object during the measurement process and ensures the accuracy and safety of the measurement.


2. High measurement accuracy: Its measurement principle is based on the interference phenomenon of light, when the phase of light changes slightly, the resulting light and dark fringes will also change slightly. This makes the white light interferometer can achieve very high measurement accuracy, for a variety of precision measurement needs to provide reliable technical support.


3. Three-dimensional surface measurement: White light interferometers have a powerful three-dimensional surface measurement capability, with a wide range of surface height measurements, suitable for measuring objects of various shapes and sizes. This ability makes white light interferometer has a wide range of applications in precision machining, semiconductor manufacturing and other fields.


4. Wide wavelength range applicability: White light interferometers are suitable for a wide range of wavelengths because white light contains light of different wavelengths. Compared to other interferometers, such as laser interferometers, white light interferometers have wider applicability and can be used for measurements at multiple wavelengths.


5. Multiple field of view lenses and high-speed measurement: Equipped with multiple field of view lenses, it facilitates the rapid switching of objective lenses and improves the flexibility of measurement. At the same time, the use of high-speed digital signal processor, the realization of the measurement takes only a few seconds, greatly improving the efficiency of the measurement.


6. Advanced Measurement Software: The user interface based on Windows operating system makes the operation more convenient. The software has powerful and fast computing ability, which can quickly process a large amount of data and provide accurate measurement results.


7. Strong adaptability: The white light interferometer can be applied to measure the strongest reflection, weak reflection and transparent objects, etc., showing its strong adaptability and flexibility.


8. High stability: some advanced models of white light interferometers use modular design, such as beam splitting module and optical galvanometer modular design, this design enhances the stability of the instrument and improves the reliability of the measurement results.



With its non-contact measurement, high measurement accuracy, 3D surface measurement, wide wavelength range applicability, multiple field-of-view lenses with high-speed measurement, advanced measurement software, strong adaptability and high stability, the POMEAS white light interferometer has become an efficient, accurate and widely used measurement tool.

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