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POMEAS 3D White Light Interference Profiler is a high-precision, non-contact surface topography measurement equipment, which is widely used in semiconductor, microelectronics, precision machinery and other fields. It adopts white light interference technology to realize fast and accurate measurement of sample surface topography, with the advantages of high measurement accuracy, fast measurement speed and easy operation.



Product Features


High Precision Measurement:The POMEAS 3D White Light Interference Profiler uses advanced white light interference technology to achieve nanometer level measurement accuracy to meet the demand for high precision measurements.


Non-contact measurement:Measurement is carried out by means of the optical interference principle without contact with the sample, avoiding damage and errors caused by contact, and is particularly suitable for soft, fragile or specially coated samples.


Quick Measurement:The instrument is equipped with a high-speed scanning function, which can quickly obtain the three-dimensional topographic data of the sample surface and improve the measurement efficiency.


Easy to operate:The instrument adopts humanized design, the operation interface is simple and intuitive, easy to get started. Meanwhile, the software is powerful and supports a variety of data processing and analysis methods.



Product Parameters:




Application Scenarios:


POMEAS 3D white light interference profilers are suitable for a variety of application scenarios, such as: semiconductor material surface roughness measurement, thin film thickness measurement, and small defect detection.

In the semiconductor manufacturing process, it can be used to detect the topography of the wafer surface to ensure the smooth progress of the manufacturing process;

In thin film measurement, it can accurately measure the thickness of the film, providing strong support for the analysis of film properties;

In defect detection, it can find small cracks, bubbles and other defects, providing an important basis for product quality control.

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