Application Example of Multi-sensor Measurement System for Measuring Aluminum Products




Aluminum products are very common in industry and are used in a wide range of applications including, but not limited to, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic devices, and construction. However, the measurement of aluminum products, especially in 2D dimensions and irregular contours, often presents a number of challenges.



Detecting Difficulties:


1, Accuracy of 2D dimension measurement: 2D dimension measurement of aluminum products requires high accuracy and stability to ensure quality control during the production process. Any small error may result in products not meeting specifications.

2、Inspecting irregular contours: Aluminum products often have complex shapes and irregular contours, and these characteristics make it difficult for traditional measurement methods to meet the requirements of accuracy and efficiency.






1. Lens: Adopt 6.5X measuring lens module, which has high magnification and clarity to accurately capture the details and features of aluminum products.


2. Sensor: Self-developed point spectrum module, which can quickly measure the 2D and 3D dimensions of aluminum products. The module uses spectral technology to accurately obtain shape and size information on the surface of aluminum products.


3. Camera: Equipped with high-definition industrial camera with high resolution and fast response capability, it can capture the image data of aluminum products in real time.


4. Light source: Adopting five rings and eight zones light source to provide a uniform and stable light environment for measurement, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of the measurement results.


5. Measurement software: Equipped with MetX vision measurement software, which has powerful data processing and analysis capabilities, supports GD&T shape and position tolerance, and can meet the high-precision requirements of aluminum products measurement.



Program Advantages:


1、High precision and stability: The multi-sensor measurement system realizes high-precision measurement of aluminum products by integrating data from multiple sensors. Its cantilever structure ensures the long-term stability of the equipment, making the measurement results more reliable.

2、Rapid Measurement: The system is equipped with efficient measuring lens module and self-developed point spectrum module, which can quickly capture the size and shape data of aluminum products and improve the inspection efficiency.

3、Strong adaptability: Whether it is a regular or irregular contour, the multi-sensor measurement system can carry out effective measurement. This greatly broadens its scope of application, enabling the system to cope with a variety of complex aluminum products measurement tasks.

4、Intelligent and automated: The introduction of MetX vision measurement software makes the system equipped with intelligent measurement functions, which can automatically identify and process measurement data, reducing human intervention and errors.

5、Easy to integrate and operate: The multi-sensor measurement system has good integration and operability, which can be easily connected with other production equipment and systems to realize the automation and intelligent management of the production line.



The multi-sensor measurement system not only improves the accuracy and speed of measurement, but also reduces human error through intelligent operation and improves production efficiency. In addition, the system has strong adaptability to meet the measurement needs of aluminum products of various complex shapes and sizes, thus meeting the application requirements of different production scenarios.



In the future, with the further integration of artificial intelligence, machine vision and other technologies, the multifaceted sensing and measuring system is expected to achieve a higher level of automation and intelligence, and bring more value to the aluminum products manufacturing industry.

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