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VisionChina Shanghai is the largest and most authoritative machine vision exhibition in East China, organized by the Machine Vision Industry Union (CMVU) and undertaken by Messe München GmbH. The exhibition aims to focus on the full range of machine vision core components and plug-ins, bringing together experts, scholars and technicians from various industrial applications to provide an excellent platform for everyone to show their own market competitiveness and find innovative solutions.



POMEAS, as a company specializing in the field of measurement systems, vision systems, and optical systems with machine vision as the core accessory and integrating optics, control, and algorithms, will display its advanced measurement systems, vision inspection solutions, and high-quality optics and other products in this exhibition.POMEAS products and services are widely used in the above industries, and are committed to helping global customers improve their overall competitiveness.





Exhibition Name: Machine Vision Shanghai 2024
Exhibition time: July 8-10, 2024
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center






High Precision Image Measuring Instruments IMAGE 3 Series



Advantageous features:


1. Desktop structure, compact size, easy to carry, suitable for production line edge size measurement. It can be placed and measured by just pressing one button, or it can be matched with customer's IO signal to realize fully automatic measurement, and the report will be uploaded to customer's data management system automatically.

2.Dual telecentric lenses with two 12 million cameras and automatic lifting and lowering of multi-angle surface light, and independent powerful edge algorithms, easy to realize the surface light edge-finding, and high-precision measurement of surface dimensions.

3.Fast measuring speed, 1 second can measure 100 parts. The software operation interface is simple and easy to understand, and it is easy to write the measurement program and set the report parameters. Anyone who operates the system can obtain consistent results.



Online Measuring Instrument HM-1040



Advantageous features:


1、Even if the workpiece has positional offset, it can be measured accurately;

2、 Ensure the accuracy of the whole field of view area;

3、An inspection tool suitable for a wide range of measurement items;

4、Highly versatile for use in a wide range of industries.



Point Spectral Alignment Program



Advantageous features:


1. Stable measurement of various types of materials, such as metal / ceramic / mirror / glass;

2. Quickly measure the thickness without contact, and output the measurement result in real time when the product is placed;

3. Strong stability, high temperature and high pressure and other harsh operating conditions can also be used normally;

4. According to the size of the product and the precision requirements of the replacement of different probes, easy to integrate in various industries in the measurement of applications.



Zoom Lens Spot Laser Focus Program




Advantageous features:


1. Able to realize high-precision and fast focusing process, whether for static or dynamic targets, can quickly and accurately complete the focusing operation;

2. The continuous zoom performance of the zoom lens makes this program adaptable to different working distances and magnification requirements;

3. Strong stability, using mature optical and mechanical structure design, with good stability and reliability.



Auto Focus Microscope



Advantageous features:


1. The observation position is always in real-time focus state, without the need for manual focusing of the new observation method;

2. Adopting a continuously zoomable lens with a zoom ratio of 0.7x-4.5x;

3. The whole optical system is independently developed by POMEAS, with integrated body design, excellent performance and better compatibility;


POMEAS Technology will join many innovative exhibits to discuss the future development of machine vision technology with you. We look forward to meeting you and opening a new era of machine vision together! We are looking forward to your visit!

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