What is the Spectral Focus Thickness Measurement System?




Spectral focusing thickness measurement system is a measurement system based on spectral imaging and image processing techniques. Its principle relies mainly on the optical interference effect, which determines the thickness of an object by measuring the interference pattern when light of different wavelengths is reflected off the object. This system uses multiple wavelengths of light to obtain complete thickness information in a single measurement, thereby greatly improving measurement efficiency.



In terms of specific applications, spectral focusing thickness measurement system usually adopts non-contact design, and realizes accurate and stable measurement by carrying spectral sensors and self-developed measurement software. This kind of system can be applied not only to the thickness inspection of materials such as cell phone parts and copper foil, but also to the thickness measurement of various materials such as metal, plastic and glass.



The advantage of the spectral focusing thickness measurement system lies in its fast, efficient and accurate characteristics, which can meet the rapid inspection needs on various production lines. At the same time, it can also be replaced with spectral sensors of different accuracy according to customer needs, thus it is highly adaptable and has a wide range of applications.



It should be noted that the measurement range of spectral focusing thickness measurement systems may vary depending on the model and application scenario. Therefore, when selecting and using the system, it is necessary to match it to the specific measurement needs and technical specifications.



The POMEAS Spectral Focusing Thickness Measurement System is a highly efficient and accurate measurement tool for non-contact measurement of object thickness through spectral analysis technology, which is widely used in various industrial fields.

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