Line Scan Lens for Line Inspection




Due to the increasing level of industrial automation, line inspection, as a key aspect of ensuring product quality and performance, is gradually introducing more advanced vision inspection technologies. Among them, line scanning lens, as an efficient machine vision system component, plays an increasingly important role in line inspection.



Technical characteristics of line-scan lenses:


The Line Scan Lens, with its unique technical advantages, is ideal for line inspection. It uses a linear sensor to capture images of the workpiece, and is able to take fast and accurate images of objects moving at high speeds. This technical feature enables the line scanning lens to acquire a large amount of information on the line surface in real time, providing rich data support for line inspection.




Detection Program:


Lens: Adopting 4K line-scan lens with ultra-low distortion, anti-vibration design and base magnification covering 0.015~0.05X.

Light source: Coaxial light source with uniform brightness, high stability and long life.

Camera: adopts HD industrial camera, with lower power consumption and smaller size, 1000m bit/s stable transmission and compatible with 100Mbps network, low power consumption and low noise.



Practical application of the program:


High-speed scanning: The line scanning lens has a high-speed scanning capability, which can quickly complete the scanning task of the entire line. This high speed not only improves the inspection efficiency, but also provides real-time feedback of the inspection results, ensuring the smooth operation of the production line.

Accurate positioning: the line scanning lens has a high-precision measurement capability, can accurately identify all kinds of defects and abnormalities on the line. Through high-precision analysis of the line image, the line scanning lens can accurately determine the location, shape and size of the line and other information, to provide strong support for subsequent repair and replacement.

Real-time processing: the line scanning lens can obtain and process image information in real time, the detection results will be timely feedback to the operator or control system. This real-time processing capability makes the line scanning lens can find line problems in time and deal with them to avoid production accidents.




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