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Differential Interference DIC Video Microscope is a precision inspection equipment integrating modern optical technology and advanced image processing. Its lens barrel adopts infinite distance optical design to ensure distortion-free image transmission, providing a stable and reliable basis for inspection. Matching with professional flat-field achromatic long working distance objective lens, it can not only expand the field of view, but also ensure the clarity and accuracy of the image.



The introduction of DIC technology is a highlight of the product. Combined with the targeted design of the coaxial light source, the small height difference on the surface of the measured object can produce an obvious relief effect, making defects such as cracks, bumps, particles and holes visible at a glance. In addition, the interfering colors across the entire field of view are uniform, with high image clarity and contrast, providing the user with an excellent observation experience.



DIC Video Microscope Advantage:



High Precision Inspection:DIC technology, combined with a coaxial light source, accurately captures minute changes in the surface of the DUT, ensuring accurate detection.


Wide field of view:The application of professional flat-field achromatic long working distance objective lenses enables a wider field of view and higher inspection efficiency.


High image clarity:The infinite-range optical design ensures distortion-free image transmission and, combined with the high-resolution image acquisition system, provides users with clear, detailed observation images.


Easy to operate:The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to get started and quickly master the use of the device.



DIC video microscope application industry


Differential interference DIC video microscope is widely used in LCD, OLED, PCB, FPC, FPD and semiconductor quality inspection. In LCD and OLED production process, it can accurately detect tiny defects on the panel surface; in PCB and FPC inspection, it can quickly identify cracks, particles and other problems on the circuit board; in FPD and semiconductor inspection field, it can provide clear and reliable image support to ensure product quality and performance.



Differential interference DIC video microscope has become one of the indispensable inspection equipments in modern manufacturing industry by virtue of its advantages of high precision, wide field of view and high definition. Whether it is for quality control on the production line or R&D testing in the laboratory, it can provide users with reliable test results and help enterprises improve product quality and competitiveness.

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