Visual upgrade: 4K zoom lens helps precise observation in various fields




The POMEAS 4K zoom lens is a high-performance optical device, which has been widely used in many fields with its high resolution and excellent zoom capability. The following are the main application areas of POMEAS 4K zoom lens:



1. Precision industrial inspection: In the field of semiconductor, microelectronics, precision machinery and other industrial manufacturing, the high resolution of POMEAS 4K zoom lens is able to capture minute details and help inspectors to accurately judge the quality of the product and the level of the process. At the same time, its zoom function makes it possible to maintain clear image quality under different magnifications, which meets different inspection needs.


2, scientific research experiment observation: in the field of scientific research, POMEAS 4K zoom lens is often used for observation and recording of the microscopic world. Whether it is biology, chemistry or physics and other experiments, all need to the structure of the material, the process of change and other detailed observation and analysis. POMEAS 4K zoom lens with its high resolution and large field of view, for researchers to provide more and more accurate experimental data.


3、Machine vision and automated inspection: With the improvement of industrial automation, machine vision systems are more and more widely used in production lines. As an important part of machine vision system, POMEAS 4K zoom lens can realize high-speed and accurate image acquisition and processing. By combining with intelligent algorithms, it can realize automatic detection of product defects, size, position and other parameters, improving production efficiency and quality.



The main parameters of the POMEAS 4K zoom lens are as follows:


1、Magnification range: 0.68-5x. this means the lens can be continuously and infinitely adjusted within this range to meet the magnification needs in different scenes.


2, working distance: 80mm. this is the minimum distance between the lens and the subject, to ensure that the lens can work properly within this distance.


3, Image sensor size support: 1 inch. This means that the lens can work well with 1-inch sensor cameras to obtain high-quality images.


4, Resolution: Horizontal resolution can reach 4K level. This high resolution ensures the clarity and richness of details in the image, which makes the lens have excellent performance in the field of precision inspection, scientific research observation and so on.



In addition to the main parameters mentioned above, the POMEAS 4K zoom lens features a precision optical path design with large magnification and large field of view. Compared with traditional zoom systems, its field of view size is increased by more than 1.45X, enabling the lens to capture a wider range of scene information.



In terms of application areas, POMEAS 4K zoom lens is widely used in industrial measurement, semiconductor, microelectronics and other precision industries for video observation and inspection, as well as scientific research experimental observation, machine vision and automated inspection and many other fields. Its high definition and high resolution make it capable of capturing subtle information, providing high-quality data support for applications in various fields.

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