Adjustable Additional Objective Features




An adjustable additional objective is an additional lens or device for a microscope that is characterized by adjustability to meet different observation and research needs.



High flexibility:


The adjustable additional objective lens allows the user to change the object distance of the entire system and thus adjust the imaging effect by adjusting its relative position to the main lens without replacing the main lens. This design greatly improves the flexibility of the system, allowing users to quickly adjust the lens parameters according to different observation needs.




Strong adaptability:


In many fields such as scientific research, industry, medical care, security, etc., as the size, position and observation needs of test objects may vary, the adjustable additional objective lens can easily adapt to these changes. For example, in scientific research experiments, the objective distance can be easily adjusted to observe samples at different scales; on industrial production lines, the lens can be quickly adjusted to capture images of parts at different locations.




Imaging quality optimization:


By adjusting the additional objective lens, users can optimize the imaging effect to a certain extent. In the case of fixed object distance, adjusting the additional objective lens can change the equivalent focal length of the lens, thus improving the image sharpness, resolution and distortion and other performance indicators. This helps users obtain more accurate and reliable observation results.




Easy to operate:


Adjustable additional objectives are usually equipped with easy-to-operate adjustment mechanisms, such as knobs or adjustment rings. The user simply rotates these mechanisms to adjust the objective distance. This design makes the operation process easy and quick, which reduces the learning cost and difficulty for users.






Adjustable additional objective lenses can be used with many types of zoom lenses to form a powerful optical system. In addition, some advanced adjustable add-on objectives are available with a variety of coating options to accommodate observations in different wavelength ranges. This design makes the adjustable add-on objective lens highly expandable and able to meet the individual needs of different users.




Easy maintenance:


In the process of long-term use, due to environmental factors or improper operation and other reasons, the lens may have some failures or performance degradation. For the adjustable additional objective lens, due to its relatively simple structure and easy to disassemble and assemble, users can easily carry out cleaning, repair and replacement operations, thus extending the service life of the lens and reducing maintenance costs.




POMEAS adjustable objective lenses offer significant advantages in terms of flexibility, adaptability, image quality, ease of operation, expandability and ease of maintenance. These advantages have led to the wide application and recognition of adjustable objective lenses in many fields such as scientific research, industry, medical, security and so on.

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