Bore inspection lenses and their common application scenarios




Before understanding the common application scenarios of bore inspection, let's first understand what is bore inspection?



Bore inspection is a technique for measuring the size, shape, and surface quality of internal holes in objects. It does this by using specialized inspection equipment and tools, such as bore inspection lenses, to meticulously inspect all aspects of the bore to ensure that it meets design requirements and product quality standards.



And the bore inspection lens has a wide range of application scenarios in several fields, as follows:



Daily necessities industry:In the production process of daily necessities, the bore inspection lens can be used to inspect the quality of the bore of various items, such as bottle cap bore inspection, to ensure that the product meets the quality standards and is free from defects or foreign objects.


Machinery manufacturing:In the field of machinery manufacturing, bore inspection lenses can be used to inspect the quality of the bores of various precision parts, such as bearings and gears. Through high-definition imaging, it can accurately determine whether there are defects in the bore, thus ensuring the performance and reliability of mechanical products.


Electronics manufacturing:In electronics manufacturing, bore inspection lenses are used to inspect the quality of bores in circuit boards and chips. These tiny bores are critical to the performance and stability of electronic products, and therefore need to be inspected using high-precision bore inspection lenses.


Thread detection:Threads are a common structure on industrial products and have a significant impact on the normal use of the product. Bore inspection lenses can be used to check the integrity of threads, detect thread defects and other problems in time, and avoid product failures caused by thread problems.


Aerospace:In the aerospace field, industrial borescope (a bore inspection tool) is widely used in the manufacture, maintenance and inspection of aircraft and aerospace equipment. It allows quality inspection of the inside of precision parts to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.


Electricity equipment:The bore inspection lens can be used to inspect the internal environment and structure of power equipment, such as hydraulic turbines, gas turbines, gearboxes, generators and so on. Through visual inspection, defects such as rust spots, stress cracks, corrosion, etc. can be detected quickly and effectively to ensure the normal operation of power equipment.


Automotive:In the process of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the bore detection lens can be used to check the automobile turbocharger and other casting parts such as shrinkage holes, sand holes and other defects, to observe the burrs produced by various intersecting holes in machined parts, as well as to view the quality of the welding seams and so on. At the same time, it can also be used for automotive repair and maintenance, to observe the severity of carbon and sludge inside the engine cylinder or near the valve, as well as to check the status of the transmission, various oil and water circuits, exhaust pipe walls and other components.

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