Screen Printing Inspection Vision Solution for Mobile Phone Screens




With the popularity of smart phones and consumers' demand for higher quality products, the quality inspection of cell phone screen screen printing has become an indispensable part of the cell phone production process. The quality of cell phone screen screen printing is not only related to the aesthetics of the product, but also directly affects the user experience and brand image. Therefore, the development of a set of efficient and accurate cell phone screen screen printing inspection vision program is particularly important.



POMEAS vision solution for screen printing inspection of cell phone screens realizes the automatic inspection of screen printing quality through vision technology, which improves the inspection efficiency and accuracy, reduces the cost of manual inspection, and guarantees the quality of cell phone screens.



1. Hardware systems:


Industrial camera + lens: adopts camera lens integrated fixed-fold telecentric camera module, according to the cell phone screen size and precision requirements, to ensure the clarity, stability, field of view and clarity of the cell phone screen image acquisition;

Light source: adopting high brightness and good uniformity LED light source to ensure sufficient and uniform light on the surface of cell phone screen;

Image acquisition card and computer: as the core of the vision system, it is responsible for image processing and result output.



2. Software systems:


Image pre-processing: improve image quality;

Feature extraction: extract key feature information for the characteristics of silkscreen pattern;

Template matching: matching with preset templates to judge the quality of silkscreen patterns;

Quality inspection: comprehensively inspect character integrity, positional accuracy, color consistency, etc;

Result output: output the test result in the form of image and text.



Detection Program Advantage:


1, high detection efficiency: automated detection significantly improve detection efficiency.

2, high accuracy: advanced image processing algorithms and machine learning technology to improve detection accuracy.

3, low cost: reduce the cost of manual inspection, improve production efficiency.

4, easy to integrate: system openness and scalability to facilitate integration with other production systems.

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