What is the Difference Between Slideway Zoom Lens and Traditional Zoom Lens?





What is a slideway zoom lens?

The slideway zoom lens has changed the motion mode of the traditional zoom lens. The linear slideway motion system with high precision and high efficiency and smaller friction coefficient is adopted. The position of the two groups of optical lenses moving up and down is recorded by the internal grating ruler in real time, which eliminates the unavoidable optical effect and the loss caused by various friction in the traditional zoom lens. The optical performance, accuracy, stability and service life of the lens are greatly improved.




What is the difference between slideway zoom lens and traditional zoom lens?

Traditional zoom lens

In order to eliminate the error caused by the clearance when the gear is reversed, it is necessary to return to zero at the first time from high to low magnification, repeat the path, affect the efficiency and life of the doubling, and reduce the long-term wear accuracy.



Guideway zoom lens

The internal sliding assembly has a grating ruler to record the current position in real time. When the high magnification reaches the low magnification, it does not need to return to zero or less than the target magnification. It can directly reach the target magnification. It has high efficiency and eliminates the error caused by the gap.



What are the advantages of slideway zoom lens

What are the advantages of guideway zoom lens and traditional zoom lens?

1. Resolve the situation of zoom card death and limit of times of zoom

2. Resolving Center Migration

3. Solving blurred vision

5. Solving the Trouble of Stray Light

6. Solve the problem of dropping metal powder.



The slideway zoom lens has the characteristics of high contrast and clearer imaging. High contrast lenses have the following advantages:

1. Improving image recognition

2. It can improve the repetition accuracy.

3. It can improve the positioning accuracy.

4. It can improve the detection accuracy.




Imaging effect of slideway zoom lens

The slideway zoom lens is often used in high precision vision measurement and vision detection.







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