3D Geometric Measurement System

High-speed mobile measurement stage.Compatible with multiple types of sensors, providing fast and strong technical support for customer needs.Fast, stable and simple vision system

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    3D GMS ProProduct Feature
    High-speed mobile measurement stage
    Gantry architecture movement body with high speed linear motor driven multi-axis movement stage,ensure the efficiency and stability of product measurement, a variety of stroke options, the maximum 3.6 m measuring stroke, high speed and high accuracy;
    Compatible with multiple types of sensors,providing fast and strong technical support for customer needs
    Multi-sensor composite application, compatible with vision, point spectrum, line spectrum, line laser, surface structured light, surface interference and other measurements of a variety of sensors, more comprehensive measurement;
    lOS Platform/APP Facility
    Well-designed mainstream machine vision APP for pattern recognition, localization, precision measurement and inspection of products.Adopting powerful IOS/APP system architecture to cover machine vision applications without the need to use several different software, it is convenient for customers to quickly create applications that meet users' own needs.
    Fast,stable and simple vision system
    Powerful data processing capabilities and patented algorithms, after years of customer on-site application, can be 7X20H stable operation.APP is easy to operate, no need for professional engineers and no need to write code programs.
    Application Case
    Cell Phone Frame Inspection
    Inspection Item: 3D surface profile, truncated profile, etc.
    Matching Program: Line laser sensor.
    Equipped with a single-axis mobile platform, the line laser can acquire all the features of the product surface point cloud through mobile acquisition, and realize 3D surface profile inspection and truncated line profile inspection of the product by comparing the point cloud data with the standard data.
    Board Card Dimension Inspection
    Inspection Item: Dimensions / Roundness / Flatness / Segment Differences, etc.
    Matching Program: 4K zoom high-precision measurement component (vision + point spectrum).
    Quickly measure the detailed dimension of the board, especially the dimension of pins and small round holes, which can be zoomed in to obtain larger and clearer visual images.
    Remote Control PCB Inspection
    Inspection Item: Basic dimension measurement
    Matching Program: Large field of view rapid measurement components (Vision)
    The dimension of the product is large and exceeds the measurement range of the field of view. Using the splicing measurement method, multiple products can be detected at the same time, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
    Automotive Triangle Window Curved Glass Inspection
    Inspection Item: Surface 3D Profile Inspection
    Matching Program: Point Spectrum Measurement Sensor
    The product is a curved surface modeling, and the scanning trajectory is determined by the profiling scanning function, which quickly acquires measurements and outputs 3D profile deviations.
    Movement Stage Parameter:






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