Application Status and Difficulties of Industrial Robots in Mobile Manufacturing Industry






In the past two years, the domestic robot industry has developed rapidly. 3C manufacturing and automobile manufacturing have become the main markets of domestic robots. In the 3C industry, the mobile phone manufacturing industry, as a labor-intensive and technology-intensive industry, is the most representative. At present, the mobile phone manufacturing giants Foxconn and Huawei are investing more intelligent manufacturing equipment to improve production efficiency. Automation application has great potential to transform the market.



Application of Robot in Mobile Phone Production


Mobile phone automation production line is divided into assembly line and accessories production line. There are hundreds of assembly processes. Now the typical process replaced by robots is polishing and grinding the mobile phone shell with relatively fixed position, and the work of loading and unloading, punching, assembling, screen processing, boxing and so on.



At present, there are six-axis robots, Scara robots, AGV logistics robots, desktop soldering and dispensing robots, which are commonly used in mobile phone production lines. Six-axis robots are generally used for handling and grinding. Scara robots are commonly used in assembly (especially screwing) and AGV for handling and storage. The dispensing and soldering desktop robots are used for dispensing and soldering.


Robot is widely used in the process of dispensing glue and screw. These two processes are relatively simple to operate. Even if the mobile phone is updated frequently, it can continue to use as long as the corresponding system parameters are changed. The grinding of mobile phone case requires high precision and effect. The arc and alignment of grinding are very important indicators. In this program, the grinding robots abroad are more widely used. The application proportion of assembly robots in mobile automation industry is low, and the assembly line relies heavily on skilled workers. However, the automation transformation of assembly line is of great significance to improve the production efficiency of enterprises.




Existing difficulties in automation of mobile phone industry:


(1) Flexibility problem

Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of mobile phone products, and the demand is more and more individualized, which contradicts the standardization and scale of robot production. How to make the automation equipment adapt to the flexible production becomes the biggest problem of mobile phone industry automation, and how to realize the rapid replacement of wiring, tooling and fixture in production remains to be studied.


(2) The Problem of Return on Investment

With the high cost of automation investment, the sales and profit of mobile phone brand are uncontrollable. Especially with the popularity of smart phones, the profit of mobile phone manufacturing is becoming weaker and weaker, and the return on investment is paid special attention by mobile phone manufacturers.


This problem is closely related to the flexible production problem. If the flexible production can not be realized, automation equipment will be difficult to achieve large-scale effective utilization, and smart factories will be even more difficult to achieve. The frequency of line change in the mobile phone industry is about 6 months to 8 months, while the investment return cycle of automation equipment generally takes one to two years to be effective. If the entire line of automation production investment return. Long cycle, small and medium-sized mobile phone OEM survival becomes a problem.


(3) Cross-border integration problems

There is a strange phenomenon in the industry. Many manufacturing enterprises do not purchase automation equipment, but do semi-automation or automation equipment by themselves. The reason for this is that the manufacturing of automation equipment should conform to the company's production process, and it is impossible to produce products without being familiar with the situation. The production process is the key to the company's competition, and it is dangerous to disclose the industry secrets to the third party's production equipment.







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