What are the advantages of bilateral telecentric lenses?




Due to its unique optical path design, telecentric lenses have been widely used in the field of precision machine vision. Telecentric lenses can be divided into image-side telecentric lenses, object-side telecentric lenses and bilateral telecentric lenses.


The double-sided telecentric lens is parallel light in and out, which can deal with the following problems:


①Resolution: The resolution of general industrial lenses cannot keep up with the improvement of chip resolution. It is limited by the principle of optical imaging, and can only be about 10μm. It can be used with cameras with 1000W pixels, but it is not satisfied with the current high resolution. High-speed cameras and high-precision measurement inspection requirements. 


②Depth of field: Generally, the depth of field of the lens is relatively small. When the object to be measured exceeds its range in the depth direction of the lens, detection or measurement cannot be performed. 


③Expansion magnification: The expansion magnification changes with the change of the working distance. This property can lead to intolerable errors when our vision systems are used to perform fine-scale measurement tasks. 


Features of bilateral telecentric lenses:


① The field of view, compatible CCD target surface, interface type, etc. meet the requirements, and others such as working distance, depth of field, and external dimensions do not need to affect the application. 


②Because the telecentric lens only accepts parallel light and filters out almost all diffuse reflection light sources, the imaging is relatively dark in the natural environment. The use of parallel light sources can maximize the advantages of double telecentric lenses, so that the edge of the measured object is clear, Stable and useful for removing noise during detection.


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