Maintenance of image measuring instruments




Image measuring instrument is a precision optical image measuring instrument composed of high-resolution industrial lens, high-precision industrial camera, precision vision processing software and high-precision work structure table. Daily maintenance of the image measuring instrument can not only protect the measurement accuracy of the measuring instrument, but also appropriately increase the service life of the measuring instrument. How to better maintain the image measuring instrument, do the following:


1. The image measuring instrument should be placed in a low-vibration, dry and clean environment.


2. The room temperature should be maintained at 20 ± 5 degrees, and the humidity should not exceed 60% to prevent the image measuring instrument from becoming moldy and rusted, resulting in low quality. The measuring equipment should be covered with a dust-proof cloth cover when not in use. The exterior is coated with anti-rust grease.


3. The transmission structure of the image measuring instrument is adjusted before leaving the factory (do not disassemble and assemble at will). During use, be careful not to force it too hard or bump it. When moving the host, you should place a stable block on the workbench to prevent it from hitting the workbench or workbench. Movement and impact cause accuracy defects.


4. When the main power supply is turned on, the main unit of the measuring instrument does not work (the guide light does not light, and the axial flow fan does not rotate), check whether the power socket has electricity, whether the power plug and socket are in good contact, and the security wire on the power board can No burn out.


5. The software system of the image measuring instrument has accurately compensated the error between the worktable and the optical ruler, please do not change it by yourself. If you need to adjust, you can contact the manufacturer to solve it.


6. If the display screen of the measuring instrument has fingerprints or oil stains, it can only be gently wiped with a neutral detergent, and then wiped clean with degreased gauze and some water until it is satisfied. 



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