Application of double telecentric lens in glass bottle defect detection




The industrial lens is a key component in the machine vision system. To achieve the functional requirements of the system, the lens needs to have high-quality imaging performance. However, with the wide application of machine vision systems in the field of precision inspection, ordinary industrial lenses are difficult to meet the inspection requirements. In order to To make up for the shortcomings of ordinary lens applications and meet the needs of precision testing, telecentric lenses came into being.



The telecentric industrial lens has a unique optical design, which can achieve high-resolution, low-distortion imaging, bringing a qualitative leap to machine vision precision inspection. It is used in various inspection applications that cannot be satisfied by traditional lenses, such as glass bottle defect detection. .



Glass bottles often have bottle mouth cracks, bottle mouth gaps, neck cracks, etc. in the production of glass bottles. These defective glass bottles are more likely to be broken and cause safety hazards. To ensure the safety of glass bottles, they must be carefully tested during production.



The material of the glass bottle is easily disturbed by the external ambient light. The light from various angles will cause occlusion or whitening, which affects the detection of internal impurities. Therefore, the main detection difficulty is the reflection on the surface of the glass bottle and the tube wall. When you encounter problems that cannot be solved by traditional optical systems, you can consider shooting with a bi-telecentric lens.



The double telecentric lens has a special optical structure. The refraction of the light after passing through the glass bottle does not block the imaging of the telecentric system. All spaces such as liquid and scratches filled in the transparent glass bottle can be free of dead ends. In the photograph, if there are impurities, it will be more obvious, making it possible to detect small scratches on the bottle. At the same time, with a certain light source, the position of the scratch becomes clearer and more stable.



The Pomeas bi-telecentric lens is also suitable for different industries such as mobile phones, hardware, electronics, and packaging.



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